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Your people are the heartbeat of your organization. Mindtera empowers them to develop their emotional & social well-being in the workplace.
Our solutions and services help to deliver on your employee experience priorities. To improve retention, increase engagement, and create greater belonging.
How Mindtera Works
Shapes positive workplace experience that enables people for success and reduces the potential employee turnover with MindteraPro
Integrate your corporate values with our learning program - 7SMMTM
Employee takes assessment in mindtera app
See your employee's assessment result and progress in Mindtera's dashboard
Assign plan according to your employee's needs
Satisfaction Rate
of participants are satisfied with Mindtera Session
Increment in team's performance
Increment in productivity
“The training is quite useful. I've had personal coaching (which cost a lot!) which uses a similar method as the ones introduced in this session”
Employee at Traveloka
“Very insightful and enlightening session. We talked about the importance of our Wellness, and the steps towards Wellness. Not only sharing about the knowledge, we directly tried some reflections and exercises, so we can apply directly on our daily life.”
People team at Mapan
“Mindtera session is a new interactive online workshop experience. The session increased awareness and provided access to curated personal growth learning curriculums across key areas of life: family, love and work.”
Meggy Banda
Director of Talent & Culture
Self Mind Mastery ™ Learning Curriculum
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Group Coaching
Co-active coaching with integrated sessions, deeply interactive, and using life coaching approach where the coach will guide some activities within the session.
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One way learning journey, interactive (Q&A Sessions), streaming.
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Mind/Body Exercise
Improve people’s wellbeing by being more active through mind/body exercise
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