Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace: 30% of Employees are at Risk
Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace: 30% of Employees are at Risk
April 2023

Some of us spend at least 8 hours a day working, which is done for 5 days in a week. So, it can be said that work has become a part of our lives. Or even become one of the top priorities in life.

As individuals who devote a lot of time to work, we are required to befriend deadlines, pressure, or even possibly unfriendly work environments. Because of these things, feelings of being overwhelmed often hit us. Well, be careful, persistent feelings of being overwhelmed can make work corrosive to our health, both physically and mentally.

A survey conducted by Vivant - a Singapore-based health technology company - reported that 30% of employees are at risk of mental health problems.

Based on The Workplace Health Report: 2022 with 2,201 employees surveyed, the top 10 causes of stress/overwhelm in the workplace are as follows:

  1. Excessive workload
  2. Lack of control
  3. Lack of support
  4. Senior staff
  5. Peer colleagues
  6. Inadequate training
  7. Job security
  8. Work from home
  9. Commuting distance
  10. Other factors (work conditions, work-life balance, etc.)

As we know, productivity depends on time management skills and the ability to focus on work. But unfortunately, when work stress hits, employees become difficult to concentrate, difficult to meet deadlines, and difficult to utilize their creativity. More importantly, stress can trigger other mental health problems that affect work productivity - including fatigue, anxiety, and conflict.

Therefore, it is time for companies to be proactive in increasing mental health awareness and supporting employees according to their needs. So that the preservation of mental health is no longer a personal responsibility but has become a shared responsibility.

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So, what are the forms of mental health support that can be implemented by companies? Check this out!

Forms of mental health support that can be implemented by companies

1. Provide education to the team

Facilitate a supportive company culture starting from managers, leads, founders, HR, and so on. Hold intensive meetings in the company about how to improve self-care, stress management in the workplace, and how to avoid burnout. It would be more beneficial if the training is conducted by a professional/psychologist/coach. This way, a good mental health promotion will be created and can empower employees to take action in improving their mental health.

2. Facilitate open communication

Communication is the key, especially for employees who work remotely. Try to communicate with employees in a clear, open, and loving manner about current company policies or mental health treatment options. Therefore, managers need to ensure that employees get the support they need with regular, open, and consistent communication.

3. Implement a workplace that supports mental health policies and resources

There are several forms of mental health support that companies can offer to employees. For example, personal counseling, group coaching, routine mind and body exercise, or free access to psychiatrists/clinics. Supporting mental health policies and resources in the workplace can empower employees. So, they will do their best for the job and balance personal well-being needs.

Then, how to efficiently and effectively identify and monitor employee mental health?

Because mental health symptoms can occur at any time, it is important for companies to consistently monitor employees and ensure that they are in good condition. Companies can evaluate employees by setting up repeated check-ins.

That's why Mindtera is now available as an end-to-end solution for managing employee engagement, well-being, and development. Our solutions and services provide personalized and engaging activities to build a positive workplace experience. We help companies solve high employee turnover, low performance, and increase productivity issues.

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