Celebrate International Women's Day as Perempuan Berdaya
March 2023

Every March, there is International Women's Day which is very meaningful for all women in the world. Commemorated every March 8, IWD itself was initiated by the United Nations to celebrate all the achievements that have been achieved by women in their respective fields. At Mindtera, we call these great women as Perempuan Berdaya.

Celebrate Women's Achievement and #EmbraceEquity

Being a woman who continues to carry out her role as an individual while focusing on work is certainly not an easy matter. According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2021, as many as 39.52% or 51.79 million people aged 15 years and over who work are women. Meanwhile in 2022, 35.57% of women recorded work as formal workers.

In many companies and organizations, women occupy important positions with their ability to manage employees, teamwork, and be aware and responsible for what they live. On the other hand, working women do not only come from one social status. In several organizations, we can easily find colleagues who are single women, married women, working moms, mothers who have just returned from maternity leave, and women who are approaching retirement age. All have their respective roles with different levels of productivity and achievement.

Specifically for 2023, IWD's theme is DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality with the global campaign #EmbraceEquity. There are 4 points that are the focus and go hand in hand with the spirit built by Mindtera.

1. Guide to Digital Equality

In the world of work, countless women have excelled in the digital industry. With the abilities possessed by each individual, leaders and employees are now increasingly involved in the world of science, research, technology, engineering, finance and investment.

2. Innovating Against Bias

There are no more gender stereotypes, especially in the tech industry. Through the spirit of collaboration within the team, women are able to build companies through innovation and sustainable social progress.

3. Ending Online Violence

Get to know yourself, love yourself, and raise awareness within yourself. Develop a sense of trust and confidence in your abilities by becoming a strong and intelligent woman in networking and EQ.

4. Eliminating Inequalities

Showing the feminine side does not mean weak. Realize the 'super power' that is within you and become a more productive leader and employee at work by showing a unique side through self-discovery.

How to Empower Women Further

So what should companies do to support female employees while celebrating International Women's Day? There are 5 ways that can be implemented for your company to celebrate this special day.

- Recognize and Reward

Start the Women's Day celebration by rewarding and recognizing female employees for the hard work they have achieved so far. Tell them verbally about what they have done for the betterment of the company, what strengths they have, and how this performance has had a good impact on the company.

- Build Community

Celebration of International Women's Day at the company aims to recognize and declare the dedication and effort given by female employees to the company. Of course, this good thing is not only done on March 8. Make it a new habit in your office. Build a special community that is able to become a place for employees to share equality, opportunity, and be aware of diversity in the work environment.

- Provide Coaching Class with Empowered Women Theme

Set aside one special day (or more!) to invite employees to meaningful coaching classes. Later, this employee coaching class will have a positive and sustainable impact, not only for the employee's personal life but also for the company's sustainability.

Especially to commemorate International Women's Day, Mindtera invites you to join in celebrating all the achievements that have been achieved by the leaders and employees in the company. Through the hashtag #EmbraceEquity, experienced coaches from Mindtera will invite participants to accept what they are as a valuable asset that no other individual has. Classes are also very varied. Starting from thematic classes for female employees, to feature classes specifically aimed at employees either single or a mother with kids.

- Release an Action Plan to Protect Employees

As HR, a concrete and effective strategy is certainly very beneficial for employees, especially regarding important issues such as discrimination and harassment. Create a safe and comfortable work environment, make sure everything goes well. Build a special committee that can cover all groups, from leaders to employees in the lowest and internal positions.

- Give More Opportunities

Although the spirit of equality has been promoted for a long time, gender bias is still a major issue in many companies. Evaluate employees regularly and objectively and look at employees according to the skills and experience they have, regardless of gender.

Giving special attention to commemorating International Women's Day is certainly a memorable moment for female employees in the company. This will create an equal work environment and improve the overall work culture. More than that, female employees will also be more enthusiastic and feel valued because their hard work has been well appreciated.

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