Company Culture: Why It’s Effective to Build Sustainability Growth
Company Culture: Why It’s Effective to Build Sustainability Growth
February 2023

Nowadays, when employees can explore technology and information through easy access, it is important to look back at basic things such as values and company culture. These two things are the identity of a company that should be owned and are a reflection of the employees in it.

Quoting from HBR, cultures that inspired more play, purpose, potential, and less emotional pressure, economic pressure, and inertia, produced better customer outcomes. And the impact is not only limited to customer satisfaction. In one hedge fund, the highest performing portfolio managers had higher total motivation.

As a platform that supports companies to build a better work culture, Mindtera believes that company culture is one of the most important factors to create a sustainable business. Without a company culture, the company's vision, mission and values will be more difficult to achieve.

Why is Company Culture Important?

Every company must have different business ambitions. What their values are like and how their strategies for achieving goals differ depending on the characteristics and goals of the brand itself. This is where the importance of company culture is in the industry.

Take the example of an industry that provides financial services to society. We know that they must have customer centric values that prioritize customers and uphold trust. These values must be well reflected from the level of leaders to employees and support staff. Besides they also have to make sure that employees practice and apply these values in their daily activities. That is what is called the company culture.

According to HBR research, top-ranked companies like SAAS, Microsoft, NetApp, and Google are committed to a strong work culture that increases productivity, recruitment and retention, and even saves costs. Burson-Marsteller and Great Place to Work surveyed senior executives from the top 25 global companies and reported below factors are part of their culture success:

  • Investing More in Your Employees: 30% of top-ranked companies are investing more in work-life programs, such as flex-time, employee perks and benefits.
  • They Know their Brand: Leadership, employees, customers, and other stakeholders understand their brand. They understand their vision, mission and can articulate how they "do business".
  • Louder than Words: As Bob Kelleher reiterates in his book, 10 Practical Employee Engagement Steps that Drive Results, and his keynotes, transforming work cultures takes a commitment from senior leadership, time, resources, and the ability to execute.

To find out how the culture is in a company, of course there must be a measurement technique that is in accordance with the industry being lived in. By knowing the right measurement techniques, the company can track the progress of each team without losing track and understand where to proceed with the business plan going forward.

Discover Company Culture through Company Insight

When a company has found the right company culture according to the company's reflection and the desired vision and mission, achieving goals is certainly possible. The company's foundation is already strong, now it's just a matter of how the company's leaders manage the quality of human resources to work together in a good collaboration system.

Mindtera is a measurement tool that helps, informs and provides insight for companies. Mindtera measure whether the values in the company culture are aligned and how far the mindset and behavior of the employees are. HR and people leaders can immediately see changes, developments, and how it impacts the employee itself in terms of emotions and loyalty.

The impact of human collaboration is enormous because behind the success of a company there must be great people who work well. It is company culture and values that must be continuously formed and maintained so that it continues to support business growth.

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