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Conscious Parenting

Your child needs your authentic self. So, take care and raise your child with your conscious parenting strategies.

Time: 4 weeks program (4 live session + daily coaching through app)
Program Description

The future of your parenting is heavily learning about authenticity using mindfulness practice & meditative tools, which are going to immediately impact the way you attune, engage, negotiate, and connect in a relationship.

1 : Finding you as a parent by nature-self
2 : Remodel ourselves
3 : Grow attunement with the children
4 : Integration Day

Develop Self-Awareness on current legacy parenting
Improve Self-Courage and Self-Confidence in discovering your authentic self
Expanding Self-Compassion to connect with others
Practicing Self-Worth and Self-Empowerment in re-modelling ourselves to be better parent

Key Takeaways:
Healing inner child by working on a deep process of our inner transformation
Discover our own truth & wisdom
Manifesting to your wellbeing & your children's wellbeing
Giving back to parents the power of being a guide, life coach, mentor, teacher for their children

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