Love Blueprint Series

Keep your love alive and well by managing conflict constructively in a relationship.

Time: 3 sessions (1 hour/session)
Program Description

A webinar series about how to build healthy love and relationship despite the hurts that come along the way. Participants will be guided to be aware of the conflict in their relationship and how to manage it through self growth. Then they will be guided to build a healthier relationship through healthier and more qualified communication. In the end, they will be thought to be aware of their own personal meaning of love and the most suitable partner types.

1: Free from feeling blue
2: Me and you, talk about us
3: Build love, not fall in love

Learning Skills:
Self awareness of our own meaning of love and emotional baggage
Self empowerment to build our own self first
Self courage to build and maintain love in a healthy relationship

Key Takeaways:
A small doses of conflict and negative emotions are part of healthy relationship
Self mastery as key to healthy relationship
Sharing is a form of self courage
Build communication despite of vulnerability

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