Productivity Wellness : 3R

Boost your productivity to fly higher in your career.

Time: 3 sessions (1 hour/session)
Program Description

Coaching program to help you realize and release stressors, finding lessons and adapt to your new circumstances, also realizing internal motivation to boost your productivity.

1: Release your daily stressors (Release)
2: Bounce back and be Adaptive (Resilience)
3: Finding motivation through life values and life vision (Rebound)

Learning Skills:

Self awareness tools to map daily stressors
Self resilience and self compassion to adapt to a new circumstances
Practical tools to always remember your internal motivation

Key Takeaways:
Familiar with the daily stressors so you know effective way to deal with them
Knowing how to accept and adapt to challenges
Knowing your life values and vision (goals) to become your daily compass

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