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Relationship 101 Series

Every love story is beautiful, so let's create your own love story.

Time: 3 sessions (1 hour/session)
Program Description

A webinar series that will teach you about unconditional love and how to build a healthy relationship. The first two sessions will teach you about your personal meaning of love, internal blocking to achieve unconditional love, and how to achieve it. And the last session will teach you about self mastery and how to enter relationship skillfully and healthily.

1: Attracting love of your life
2: The art of unconditional love
3: Keys of happy relationship

Learning Skills:
Understanding internal limitations, hope, and purpose of love
building unconditional love for self and partner
Self awareness of your relationship style
Self awareness about conflict resolution
Self awareness about your own and partner's needs
Healthy communications skills

Key Takeaways:

There are personal meaning of love that can limits or thrives us in relationship
Unconditional love is not blind love and we can build it
There are skills in building healthy relationship

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