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Roadmap to Financial Independence

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be able to declare your financial independence. Just provide for any of your needs without feeling stressed out.

Time: 4 sessions (1 hour/session)
Program Description

Coaching program that will guide you to have a healthy mindset about money and a healthy relationship with it. You will be guided to make a personal definition about financial freedom and grow your finance as a part of self-growth.

1: Resetting Money Beliefs
2: Financial Detox: A Vehicle Into Financial Freedom
3: Financial Growth: Beyond Investment Tools
4: Abundance: the Art of Allowing

Learning Skills:
Self awareness about our money beliefs
Practical tools to manage money based on your personal goals and lifestyle
Growth and abundance mindset

Key Takeaways:
Money is one of the energy sources of our life
Healthy relationship with money can be trained
Our finances is personalized and unique
Financial freedom as a part of self-growth

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