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Love Blueprint Series
Keep your love alive and well by managing conflict constructively in a relationship.
Your Money Story
Investigate your relationship with money and make it better.
Stress Management
Start your day with a clear and fresh mind by preventing and relieving your stress.
Conscious Relationship
Your long-lasting love in marriage will come true!
Relationship 101 Series
Every love story is beautiful, so let's create your own love story.
Handling Toxic People
Find yourself how to be free from toxic people and more powerful in designing your life.
Parenting After Divorce
Help yourself first before raising your resilient kid.
Productivity Wellness : 3R
Boost your productivity to fly higher in your career.

Our Facilitators

Devy Chan
Career Life Coach
Ryu Deka
Mindfulness Coach
Gilberta Permata Maharani
Clinical Psychologist
Ayu Tirto
Clinical Psychologist
Khiva Iskak
Community Facilitator
Maeya Zee
Love Life Coach

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