#EmpowerPeople to be productive at work

What is Mindtools?

We provide modular platform to track & maximize team's productivity and engagement within organization at work

Manage your team's daily tasks for maximum connection, engagement and work quality in one platform
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Daily Check In
Check your employee wellbeing conditions through various features we have including happiness index and daily to-do-list.
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A safe place for employees to provide insight and voice opinions including complaining, sharing and various feedback.
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Life Skill Learning Content
Upgrade your Emotional and Social Intelligence through Jeda content, learning programs, and articles owned by Mindtera.
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Performance Report
Real time assessment reports that can be checked at any time.
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1 on 1 Counseling & Coaching
Direct counselling with our psychologist and life coach.


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All-in-one platform
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Frictionless operations
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Integrated tracker system
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