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With Healthy Habits
Foster employee wellbeing with meaningful initiatives
that encourage healthy habits.
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1-On-1 Coaching
Best Solution to Prioritize
Your Employee's Wellbeing
Help employees navigate and thrive as they meet challenges in their personal and professional lives with expert-led psychological counseling services.
Jeda Wellness
Encourage Awareness to Take a Break
Listen to JEDA; collection of audio which can help to release emotions, train focus, and create a better sleep quality. Listen anytime, anywhere, and in any occasion to train your mindfulness in any situation.
Happines Index
Identify Your Team’s Happines Index
A great way to assess what emotion your employees are feeling in the moment. Use this assessment to give employees meaningful tools for managing and working through their feelings.
Wellbeing Index
Measure and Track Employees Wellbeing
Track assessment result among your workforce to ensure everyone is aware with their wellbeing. Analyze responses in real time and make better decisions with full insight into how employees are engaged.
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