Coaching: A Solution to Overcoming Skills Gap and Improving Employee Abilities
Coaching: A Solution to Overcoming Skills Gap and Improving Employee Abilities
May 2023

Coaching is a popular employee development method in today's business world. Through coaching, companies can provide solutions to overcome skills gaps and effectively improve employee capabilities. Here are some points explaining why coaching is the right solution for addressing skills gaps and enhancing employee skills.

Employee Coaching: A Solution to Overcoming Skills Gap in the Company

1. Helping to identify employee development needs

Through coaching, companies can help employees identify the development needs required to fill skills gaps. This can be done through the evaluation process and creating individualized development plans that are tailored to the needs of the employee and the company.

2. Focusing on employee skill development

Coaching provides a focus on employee skill development, which can improve employee competence in their jobs. Effective training will help employees understand their tasks better and become more productive.

3. Increasing employee motivation and engagement

In coaching, the company and employee work together to achieve established goals. This can increase employee motivation and engagement in their work, leading to better and more efficient results.

4. Facilitating the transfer of skills to the workplace

Coaching helps employees practice the skills they have learned in their workplace. As a result, employees can gain experience and improve their abilities in their actual work.

5. Accelerating employee career development

Coaching helps employees develop the necessary skills to advance in their careers. By acquiring new skills, employees can increase their opportunities for promotion and better positions within the company.

Mindtera coaching karyawan

Improving Employee Skills through Mindtera's Employee Coaching

Measuring skill gap is an appropriate method to determine the level of employee competence in a company. By conducting regular measurements, the company can improve employee skills and maximize their potential to enhance the company's productivity.

Therefore, companies need to pay attention to the importance of measuring skill gap and implement appropriate methods to improve employee performance and company productivity.

Mindtera as an analytics and employee consultation platform is here to help leaders and organizations in building a sustainable workforce to achieve 100% good well-being, 100% workforce productivity, and 100% manpower efficiency.

Mindtera encourages the improvement of emotional and social intelligence of workers in line with SDGs and ESG initiatives using neuroscientific-based metrics, internationally certified coaching experts, and an Employee Assistant Platform (EAP) to support the improvement of work and life quality for 143 million workers in Indonesia. Learn more about how Mindtera can #EmpowerPeople in your workplace.

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