Mindtera Encourages Healthy Productivity at 'DECISION #2 Productivity' CfDS UGM
Mindtera Encourages Healthy Productivity at 'DECISION #2 Productivity' CfDS UGM
April 2023

On Thursday, April 13th, 2023, Mindtera and the Center for Digital Society (CfDS) collaborated on event "DECISION #2 Productivity''. CfDS, which is a research center under the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Gadjah Mada University (UGM), thoroughly examined how Mindtera can be a solution to the low productivity rate in Indonesia.

A study conducted by the International Labor Organization (ILO) in 2022 showed that individuals' level of well-being has a significant influence on their work productivity. In the same year, around 60% of nearly 15,000 workers in 15 countries experienced at least one mental health issue. However, in Indonesia, although the level of employee well-being has started to improve in some aspects, most companies are still lagging behind in terms of attention to mental health and employee flexibility compared to other Asian countries.

Mindtera's Role in Improving the Quality of Life and Work of Indonesian Employees

Mindtera, as a consultant and HR analytics platform to help companies build a sustainable workforce, certainly plays a significant role in improving productivity, effectiveness, and good levels of well-being. Mindtera encourages the increase of workers' emotional and social intelligence that is in line with the SDG and ESG initiatives using neuroscience-based metrics, internationally certified expert coaching, and an Employee Assistant Platform (EAP) to support the improvement of work quality and the lives of 143 million workers in Indonesia.

Not only that, but Mindtera also facilitates the Career Ready Program for fresh graduates. This program is designed to bridge the significant gap between fresh graduates and the working world.

Through the program, participants are encouraged to get to know and understand themselves, maximize their potential, and achieve their best version (personal & professional). Especially in the professional field, participants are invited to develop 7 Self Mind Mastery™, emotional and social intelligence, and various basic hard skills needed. Thus, in the future, employees will be more productive, have clear goals, and achieve job satisfaction.

The Impact of Working Culture on Productivity

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote work and digital tools in Indonesia's working culture. In addition, the importance of work-life balance, health and safety, and employee engagement has also been emphasized.

Therefore, companies must be able to quickly adopt new working culture and digital tools to support and overcome challenges in achieving optimal productivity.

Another important factor that affects productivity is achieving good well-being, which is a crucial element in achieving a sustainable workforce. There are 8 pillars of well-being that must be fulfilled, including physical, social, emotional, environmental, spiritual, financial, intellectual, and occupational.

Caring for Mental Health without Causing Skepticism

The arbitrary use of the term "mental health" in the workplace can cause skepticism. Therefore, there are three things that employees need to pay attention to when seeking mental health support from the company, namely honesty, specificity, and professional attitude.

The presence of Mindtera, which supports both the company and employees, can be a solution as a credible, data-based, and technology-based mental health and well-being support facility. Thus, this approach can benefit both parties.

Sustainable Business Criteria

A sustainable business is not only judged by the amount of profit generated, but also by linking technology, data, and well-being as the solutions offered.

"Economically and socially, it will be sustainable. Because when the business grows, there will be many employees out there who will also be impacted positively in terms of their welfare," said Tita Ardiati, Co-Founder of Mindtera, as the closing statement of this discussion session.

This discussion session was interactive and well-received by the participants.

"Mindtera is our partner startup that is at the forefront of providing a range of services to support the development of employee quality and well-being in companies. The programs offered include MindIndex (measurement of employee behavior), MindCoaching (optimization of emotional and social quotient of employees), and MindTools (module for optimizing emotional and social quotient of employees).

Mindtera's vision as a provider of these facilities is in line with CfDS's vision to find practical solutions using technological innovation to address societal issues, such as the phenomenon of remote working that can affect employee well-being. Here, DECISION #2 was held as a platform to introduce Mindtera as a solution to these problems. DECISION #2 has successfully attracted the public's interest as evidenced by the number of views on our YouTube platform, which has reached over 100 views," said Etha, a representative from CfDS UGM's partnership & external affairs team.

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